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Why we're the Best

15+ Years

From Builders to plumbers, electricians we have a variety of services that can help you if your homes been damaged to wanting to renovate the entire upstairs! We even got you covered if you looking to build from scratch. We can help you through the design process all the way to when its completed. We have a upmost priority to ensure that you’re home is looked after and maintained to the highest standard their is to offer

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The Perks

Why we are the best at Insurance Reinstatement

Insurance Reinstatement

We fix up the damage so your insurance provider can value its cost. Insurance then gives us a quote and we repair the damage. No Headaches Just Smooth Sailing. Let’s get it Solved!

Why choose us for body corporate Maintenance

Body Corporate Maintenance

We Fix and Maintain your corporate properties, whether they are rental investments or business environments we have experience in each field you need. Let’s connect.

best renovations in auckland


Looking to improve your Home or rental property? Our Service Gets your changes done quick effectively and while keeping you informed on progress so your always kept in the light. Lets get in touch

need a new home? best new build in auckland!

New Builds

Looking to make your own castle or looking to make an investment property? Our Team has 15+ Years of experience delivering on every dream and expectation of our clients, We take pride on making the best homes around. Call Today!

New Builds

Why We Exist.

TO FIX, MAINTAIN AND BUILD Kiwi’s Homes. We’ve seen too many people stress and struggle of fighting the problems of dealing with insurance or trying to manage too many tradesmen who promise the world.


Our Reputation is the main Reason we do well in business, We guard our reputation of being honest, hardworking and Clear with our clients. We make sure you are in the know at each stage because we're here to take stress off your shoulders not add on to them.


Complexity is an excellent way to hid how little a company knows. We Have tried and true methods, structures and skills that have helped Families and businesses for many years. Simplicity succeeds always.


A Team is only as good as its weakest link. We ensure every member knows their part and what's expected of them and of their teammates. This is because we can move forward when each person has done their Job correctly and to standards. We work like a well oiled machine.

With over 15 years of experience, we have learned a couple things along the way.

Values We hold.

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